Postpartum Support Belt – NEOtech Care ( TM ) Brand – Post Maternity Pregnancy Trimmer Girdle / Corset, Waist / Tummy / Belly Band & Back Support – Breathable & Elastic – Beige, White or Black Color


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This NEOtech Care ( TM ) post-partum belt provides excellent support to the abdomen, waist and back for after giving birth! It is ideal for women needing a stronger support. It features Velcro for adjustment and a better fit. It is comfortable to wear and highly recommended by doctors after pregnancy as a postpartum abdominal support.
Many women start using a post-maternity belt the day after giving birth. It is recommended to use it for as long as it feels comfortable. However while abdominal belts support the muscular system after birth, the abdominal muscles still eventually need to work to support the torso without any assistance. As the body recovers, it is recommend to decrease use of the belt and follow an exercise program designed by a physician.


Every woman has a different size and shape, therefore it is not always easy to size yourself for a post-partum belt. If the belt is too large, it will not have the desired results and might show more under clothing. Here are some tips to choose the right size:

* Measurements relate to belly circumference and NOT pants/trousers size
* When choosing a size keep in mind that the belt is usually worn quite tightly around the belly. You will then begin to shrink into the size and you can then adjust the belt to keep it tight as you shrink.
* If you buy the postpartum belt after you give birth, you can simply measure your belly circumference (usually around the belly button) and choose the corresponding belt.
* If you buy the postpartum belt during the last month of your pregnancy, a general rule of thumb is to measure your belly circumference (usually around the belly button) and subtract 3 to 5 inches.

S 32-36″ = 80-92cm
M 36-41″ = 92-104cm
L 42-47″ = 105-120cm
XL 48-56″ = 121-142cm
Width of (8.5″ / 22cm) for all sizes.

  • Provides relief after surgery in the abdominal area
  • Made of bamboo fiber which is known for the following properties: antibacterium / bacteriostasis, anti-acarus and prevents bad odors.
  • Improves balance, weight redistribution and provides a general slimming effect.
  • Adjustable to keep tightness as belly size shrinks
  • NEOtech Care ( TM ) Brand